In 2008 Mr. Madrian invented the innovative rotary valve capable to operate for longer periods with minimal aging.

Thanks to two specifically produced rotors and a wedge made of high-force material , the service life is increased compared to normal rotary valves. Furthermore, high performance can be achieved  even with standart dimensions.

Damaged elements can be quickly replaced with minimal loss of time and materials.

The material passing through rotors (made in the form of star) and wedge, installed on the output side, is discharged. The wedge may be used as a knife.

In this rotary valve the direction of rotation is towards each other. The rotation is possible by means of gear-drive, installed on the back side.

Due to correct selection of material we managed to achieve minimal aging of details.

Using such barrel-type rotary valve it is possible to reduce the aging of the components and thus to increase the service life of the equipment.

Barrel-type rotary valves

Material feed

Material output